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Transylvania County 2050

Map out the Future!

Published onMay 07, 2024
Transylvania County 2050

Welcome to Transylvania County 2050

Transylvania County 2050 Comprehensive Plan Update is your opportunity to provide your thoughts on the future of our community. The County invites you to participate in our progress on this important endeavor through attending our community events, completing our surveys and following our activities posted on this, our Transylvania 2050 website. If you weren’t able to make one of our Kick-Off events and are interested in learning about the trends impacting our community, discussing the future of the County with friends and neighbors, and helping to map a course to a brighter future for all, please click on the link below and take our Kick-Off Survey.

Take the Kickoff Community Engagement Survey (English)

La Actualización del Plan Integral 2050 del Condado de Transylvania es su oportunidad de expresar su opinión sobre el futuro de nuestra comunidad. El Condado lo invita a participar en nuestro progreso en este importante esfuerzo asistiendo a nuestros eventos comunitarios, completando nuestras encuestas y siguiendo nuestras actividades publicadas en este, nuestro sitio web Transilvania 2050. Si no pudo asistir a uno de nuestros eventos de inicio y está interesado en conocer las tendencias que impactan a nuestra comunidad, discutir el futuro del condado con amigos y vecinos y ayudar a trazar un rumbo hacia un futuro mejor para todos, haga clic en el enlace a continuación y responda nuestra encuesta inicial.

Responda la encuesta inicial de participación comunitaria (Spanish/Espanol)

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What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is an essential feature of long-term planning for cities and counties all over the United States, as both the process and the documentation for creating a broad, long-term vision for future land uses and the built environment of communities. In current planning practice, comprehensive plans usually set a planning horizon of at least 20 years—a duration that avoids the uncertainty of long-term economic and population growth patterns while also avoiding short-term thinking that can weaken a cohesive vision for the future. Comprehensive planning, in the United States of the 21st century, involve extensive participation from the public and the politicians accountable to them, throughout the process of drafting, revising, and adopting a comprehensive plan.

How can I get involved?

The comprehensive planning process is projected to take just over a year, with opportunities for community input and engagement taking place at various points, through various means and locations, along the way. Both the Planning Board and Board of County Commissioners will hold public hearings and provide additional opportunities for public review, prior to approval and adoption. You are encouraged to follow, attend and engage in the Comprehensive Planning process, by signing up for our email and social media posts, or by attending our meetings and events, or spreading the word and engaging your community on the topics that matter. The Transylvania County 2050 Comprehensive Plan is your plan for the future of Transylvania County. Get engaged, stay engaged and help us build a brighter future for all.


Transylvania County 2025 Comprehensive Plan Focus Areas:

Transylvania County last updated its Comprehensive Plan in 2015, with the award winning 2025 Comprehensive Plan. That plan identified four focus areas

Focus Area 1: Economic Health Goal & Objectives:

  • Goal: Transylvania County has a diverse and vibrant economic base that is business-friendly and is supported by exceptional infrastructure.

    • Objective 1) Actively supports efforts to promote and grow existing businesses and create places and policies to attract new businesses;

    • Objective 2) Initiates efforts to maintain and enhance infrastructure in order to improve our unique quality of place.

Focus Area 2: Environmental Health Goal & Objectives:

  • Goal: Transylvania County preserves, conserves, protects, enhances and utilizes its environmental and agricultural resources to provide access for outdoor experiences while increasing recreational and economic development opportunities.

    • Objective 1) Actively supports efforts to conserve and protect the natural resources;

    • Objective 2) Promotes and protects a diversity of agricultural, working lands, and forestry operations throughout the county.

Focus Area 3: Land Use and Livability Goal & Objectives

  • Goal: Transylvania County recognizes and supports private property rights while actively seeking ways to promote new growth and development through citizen driven policies and procedures that include, but are not limited to, safety, livability, extension of utilities, road improvements and community character.

    • Objective 1) Supports land use that increases the economic opportunities while preserving the cultural and natural resources;

    • Objective 2) Ensures public safety efforts are financially supported, well-coordinated and prepared for future growth;

    • Objective 3) Promotes exceptional community facilities throughout the county.

    Focus Area 4: Health, Culture, and Equity Goal & Objectives

  • Goal: Transylvania County is an inclusive, healthy and well-rounded collection of communities and neighborhoods that all have access to the cultural, recreational, educational and service-oriented resources that support a high quality of life.

    • Objective 1) Values the physical and mental health of all citizens, and is recognized as a leader in Western North Carolina for actively providing access to excellent health care facilities and services;

    • Objective 2) Recognizes and actively advocates for the diverse interests and cultures of the community and fosters cooperation between citizens and communities throughout the county, while valuing the county’s rich cultural and historic heritage;

    • Objective 3) Actively encourages and supports high-quality art (music, performing, and visual) and recognizes the cultural, economic and educational impacts of these cultural resources;

    • Objective 4) Promotes the health and well-being of its citizens, by providing and actively supporting high-quality and well-maintained parks, recreational facilities, programs and services throughout the county;

    • Objective 5) Supports life-long learning and personal advancement that enables the county to retain an educated workforce and maintain the high-quality of life.

Model Plans-

The link above takes you to a list of different Comprehensive Plans both staff and the Transylvania County Planning Board have reviewed for the upcoming Comprehensive Plan. This list also includes the past Comprehensive Plans by Transylvania County.

2025 Comprehensive Plan

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